Your brand defines your business just as clothes define your style. If your clothing doesn’t fit you anymore, or you feel the style you wear doesn’t represent you, you’ll want to buy new clothes that feel more you. The same concept is true with branding. You may have a brand that once worked for you and your business, but you’ve recently started to feel uncomfortable with it. It might be because it no longer represents the style you want to portray, doesn’t connect with your vision, and/or is not attracting the right audience. If you’re ready for a rebrand, you may feel you have outgrown your current brand or that your branding isn’t “in style” anymore and therefore drives a good amount of your target audience away.

Rebranding is an important step for your business, and it is important to know when you feel that change should come. Here are some signs to let you know if it is time for a rebrand:


1. You don’t feel like your brand represents your vision

Maybe when you were just starting out with your blog/business, you went the DIY route of creating your brand, and now you feel you have outgrown it. Or maybe, you have changed the vision of your business and don’t feel like your current branding suits what you want to represent anymore.


2. You’re not motivated to work

If you don’t feel connected to your brand, you might feel a little lost on the direction you need to go in your business, which causes you to lose motivation to work. You even might feel a little confused on who your audience is because you feel that your brand isn’t what you want it to be in order to attract your ideal audience.


3. You’re trying to reach a new audience

If you’re business/blog vision has changed, your audience has too. Reflect on your vision and who you want your brand to appeal to. Then think about if your current branding is pulling them in or pushing them away. Would your brand appeal to your target audience?

Believe it or not, I think one company that has branded themselves really well is Taco Bell (I am a Taco Bell addict). I’ve notice that they’ve been branding in a way that reaches young adults. The style of their posters, food wrappers, and commercials are all very modern feeling and feature photos of hip young folks, especially in the Taco Bell app. Their descriptions of food and copy on the website sometimes features a clever and quirky writing style. Read any description of a menu item on their website, and you will see what I mean!


4. There’s no emotion in your brand

If you feel no emotional connection to your brand, your potential clients won’t either. When you look at your business cards, social media images, etc. do you feel connected to them? Do they represent you? When thinking about your brand, how do you want your readers and/or potential customers to react when they come into contact with your brand? We all put off a certain image to the world by what we wear, how we act, and what we do. Your brand does the same thing, so you want to make sure it’s giving off the right feel by using appropriate colors, photos, shapes, and space.

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5. You don’t feel like you stand out in the market

If you feel like your brand is generic and maybe even similar to other business’ in your market, it might be time to rethink your vision and how you want to represent that with your brand. How do you stand out? Once you figure that out, you can highlight that in your website copy, and even portray that uniqueness in your own unique brand style

Okay, so you want a new brand. What now??

  1. Define the goal for your business. Try using this template: I want to do _____ for _____ because ______.
  2. How will you stand out? What will be unique about your business or blog?
  3. Figure out a color scheme you like that you feel portrays the mood you want to give off. Bold bright colors? Soft colors? Sophisticated? Read more about this here >>
  4. Create a mood board
  5. Create a style guide

Or hire someone to brand your business and implement your brand into your online and offline presence. Custom created graphics that are curated specifically for you and your brand can help you feel aligned with your vision and confident in the direction you want to go.


Need help branding? I can help! Work with me here >>



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