I am a self taught graphic designer, and I started my design business in 2015. I have dabbled in web design but recently found myself gravitating more towards branding and graphics. My happy place is having fun creating rockin’ brands and graphic designs for creatives, entrepreneurs, dream chasers and magic makers. I love to create designs that reflect your personality. I also teach music lessons from my home and write my own music. I find such joy in living a flexible, creative, and exciting solopreneur life full of expression, and want to help you do the same. I am located in Orlando, Florida but work with people all over the globe!

coffee / adventures / my husband / DESIGNING / my cat / coffee / writing music / tacos / spicy food / guitar, ukulele, flute, piano / gardening (even though i have a black thumb) / eating whilst netflixing / warm weather / organizing



I get a feel for your personality, what you want, and how you want that presented and do my best to ensure that is apparent in the design of your new project.


I think outside the box. It’s more fun that way.


Because you and your project are important to me. Also, life is more beautiful with a little compassion.


When designing, I always think about how to create your brand, logo or graphic in a way that will attract your target market, enhance readership, or reach other goals you may have for your business.



1992 – Lily entered the world! As I grew up, I discovered my love of expressing myself in creative ways such as writing, drawing, playing instruments etc. When I was 5, I was diagnosed with selective mutism so I found many ways to express myself without using my voice. With the help of my parents, teachers, and a psychologist I was “cured” but still found/find it hard to express myself using voice.

2003 – Joined band which was a major stepping stone and beautiful treasure in my life. I also messed around with creating websites via NeoPets and iWeb and discovered that it was real fun.

2010-2014 – Started college as a music major and then transitioned to elementary education. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I discovered you could earn money online and working from home, so I spent many of my college breaks dabbling in random online income (freelance writing, cha-cha guide, transcription work, etsy shop for crocheted items, “travel blog”, etc)

2013 – Married Jacob, my high school sweetheart and amazingly supportive husband! I also started my internship in a 1st grade classroom.

2014 – Started a lifestyle blog and selling blogger designs on Etsy. Started a music blog. Completed my second internship. Got a job as a kindergarten teacher which then ensued the most stressful period of my life.

2015 – Where the design business started! I started counseling and discovered all the happiness and freedom I was blocking myself from by putting myself into a box and doing all the “shoulds” instead of “wants”. I quit my job as a Kindergarten teacher when the year was up and did some soul searching. Started selling WordPress themes on Etsy and tried out designing on 99designs. I soon after switched my lifestyle blog over to offer design services.

2016 – Started teaching music lessons along with working on design projects.

Present – Continuing to grow and learn as I teach myself all about the world of design, online business, and the joy of living freely and creatively.

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