Photos are such an important part of blogging. Adding visuals is one of the many things that contributes to a well formatted and appealing blog post that captures your reader’s attention. It’s always nice to take your own photos, but having a library of high quality stock photos to visit is so convenient!

If you’re looking for stock photos that are legal to use, free, high quality, and visually appealing, then you are reading the right blog post, my friend!

I wrote a post a couple months ago about “The Only Free Stock Photo Site You’ll Ever Need” which is – because they offer a HUGE library of free stock photo sites. But this site is growing SO FAST, that there are way too many stock photo sites to look through! (Such a difficult problem, right??) How can we know which ones are the best? First of all, all of the stock photo sites listed on allthefreestock are amazing, but I am going to share with you a few of my favorite stock photo sites I use that offer the most visually stunning photos, and a variety of them too.


Pexels is one of the most popular free stock photo sites out there in the blogging world, and it is no wonder why! From landscapes, to food, to laptops, this site offers a HUGE variety of high quality and visually appealing photos. There is also a search option which is always very helpful when searching for a specific type of photo.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers


Another widely known and popular free stock photo site out there. These photos are absolutely stunning and usually are focused on landscapes and travel, but there are also some other types of photos thrown in there.

The Unsplash site itself offers a search option, but here is another website that offers a search by categories option.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers


This is a newer site so it doesn’t have as many pictures as some other sites you’ll find, but their photos have a unique minimal style which is why I love to use this website. The photos use lots of white and space, which gives a clean and simple feel.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers


Visual Hunt has hundreds of millions of high quality stock photos in their library. I love Visual Hunt because you can search by keywords and popular categories, and it comes up with a ton of images for you to use! You will most likely find the kind of photo you’re looking for when you use this site.

tiger-tiger-baby-tigerfamile-young-family (1)


This is a beautifully set up website that categorizes the images to make searching for stock photos just a little bit easier. The photos are high quality, artistic, and just beautiful!

best free stock photo sites for bloggers


Foodshot is a library of beautiful high quality food stock photos. Just a fair warning… you’ll probably get hungry browsing this site. Here is another food stock photo site I like.

best free stock photo sites for bloggers


This website’s library contains stock photos that focus on startups: young adults on laptops, cities, coffee, and lots of photos of technology and devices.



Beautiful stock photos and a search by category or keyword option makes this stock photo site one of my favorites.



This stock photo site is focused on christian themes: bibles, people praying, worship… etc. It’s great if you have a faith based blog or website. They also have a category search, which is always a plus.



The images on this site were shot by one guy – Ryan McGuire. All of his photos have a similar whimsical and colorful feel to them that I love!

Check out a few more of my favorites:

Magdeleine    |    Designer Pics    |    Resplashed    |    Cupcake    |        Realistic Shots    |    Boss Fight    |    Fancy Crave    |    My Stock Photos    |    Nomad Pictures    |    Life of Pix    |    Splitshire    |      MMT Stock

What are some of your favorite stock photo websites?



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