Best Free Stock Photo Sites for Bloggers

Photos are such an important part of blogging. Adding visuals is one of the many things that contributes to a well formatted and appealing blog post that captures your reader's attention. It's always nice to take your own photos, but having a library of high quality...

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March 2016 Reflection & Goals for April

This month was another great month. I've taken on a few opportunities, and although I feel stressed about those opportunities (and excited), I am letting that feeling help me decide which direction I should go in life. In counseling a couple weeks ago, we talked about...

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10 Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Plugins are one of the many reasons WordPress is such a powerful platform. They assist in making a usable, diverse, and multi-functioning website and there are thousands of them to choose from!  Think of something you want to do with your website, and there is...

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#7 – Feeling Like a Fraud

  Imposter syndrome happens to almost all of us. But remember, if you feel like a fraud, you are not a fraud. A fraud is not worried about whether they are a fraud or not. So just keep learning all you can about your thing, take courses, make experiences, and continue...

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