Today, I am going to share my branding mood board creation process (otherwise known as a style guide). I’ve recently been going through a whole redesign and branding process with my website and even my content, so I decided to create a mood board to guide me in the right direction. I knew I liked the art deco style and I love the colors gold black and white together, so that is where I started. Then, I followed a process to guide me in creating this branding mood board.


branding mood board creation process

Why Mood Boards

Um… because they are super fun?? Not only that, they really help with the vision of your website and where you want it to go. It’s a good thing to reference if you need to create a new graphic for your website, business cards, or work on branding your social media. Not only that, but it really gets you thinking about your brand and what feelings you want to convey.

The Branding Mood Board Creation Process

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Pinspiration
  3. Header and Logo Creation
  4. Puttin it all togetha’


Time to start the process with a little brainstorm. This section gets the wheels spinning in your mind in order to process what exactly your brand will accomplish, and what styles and feeling you want to convey.

What look do I want my brand to have? 

What words describe my brand? 

What brands do I love?

What colors do I want to use?


branding mood board creation process

Pinterest was the base of my creation process. There are so many different images and patterns to use for inspiration, and it gives so much room for ideas. I pinned several images onto a board I named “My Personal Brand”. You can just go through Pinterest and pin images that resonate with you.You will probably start to see a common theme among your pins. Searching certain colors or a certain style will really get you a lot of images that relate to your brand.

For example, I searched for the colors “black white gold” and a ton of amazing stuff came up. I kind of freaked out over the pure awesomeness of the images that completely understood me and my brand. I also searched for patterns by typing “black white gold patterns” in the search bar, and found a lot of cool graphics and inspiration that I could use for featured images and other designs on my website.

Not only will I use this Pinterest board to create my branding mood board, but I could reference these pins throughout any type of design projects I work on for my website or brand. It will always be there for me. 🙂

Header and Logo Design

This part was quite fun for me. I used both Picmonkey and Photoshop to come up with a design that I loved. I didn’t spend too much time stressing about this, and my perfectionist self seemed to be kept at bay (rare anomaly). I really just used this as an opportunity to play around with fonts, shapes, and colors. You can also sketch out logos and headers by hand so you can figure out how you want the words and shapes to work together.

Here is the header I came up with:

branding mood board creation process

And the logos:

Puttin It All Togetha’

branding mood board creation process

All we need to do now is put everything together into the branding mood board! I used photoshop clipping masks to place the images where I wanted them. If you want to download the template I used in my process (you will need Photoshop), sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive an email with the password to the freebies page, where you will find a free style guide template and other exclusive freebies and resources! The instructions on clipping masks are there in the file for you to reference. Have fun creating some moods and doing some branding. 😉


What is your branding process? Do you have a certain template you use, or is Pinterest your only resource? Let me know all of your secrets!


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