This month was another great month of growth!! I’ve only “officially” started this whole design business venture the end of December, and it’s crazy to see how much has changed already and how much will change in the future! This month was a fantastic month for me. Some highlights included 3 guest posts, and being featured on the GoDaddy blog (The Garage)!

I’m going to share the goals I have completed over the past month, what I have been doing to grow a community, what I am using to make an income, and my google analytics report. Maybe one day I will share my income report as well?! As for now, I’m making pennies so we will see about doing that in the future.

Goals Completed in February

How I am Growing Community

  • Mastermind group – We also talk throughout the day on facebook chat. I love having my little community right there while I am working! 🙂
  • Being a part of twitter chats and fully participating. My favorite twitter chats are – #loveurself #createlounge #creativecoffeehour & #nectarchat. Also my own twitter chat – #coffeeandfeelings …obviously.
  • Facebook groups and utilizing them to answer and ask questions. My favorites are Blog + Biz BFFs, Being Boss, Gena + Jordana & Your Magical Business, The Peony Project, and Christian Business Community.
  • Joining periscopes. I have yet to do my own periscopes where I don’t play my guitar or play pictionary with the scopers haha. That’s what I used to back in the day… but I haven’t done any business related scopes yet. I love watching Periscopes though and joining in on the community there!
  • Collaborations. I love being interviewed for other people’s post and interviewing other’s for my own blog. I am going to try to think of more ways to do that!

Books/Resources I am Obsessed With

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear* (affiliate link)

The Fizzle Show Podcast

The Nectar Collective

Passion Planner

How I am Making My Income

  • Pre-made themes and logos. That’s it for now.

Google Analytics Reports


  • Sessions- 914 (-63)
  • Users- 560 (+62)
  • Page views- 6,531 (+59)
  • Top social media referrer – Twitter

Followers and Subscribers

  • Twitter – 512 (+114)
  • Instagram – 295 (+18)
  • Pinterest -343 (+62)
  • Facebook – 58 (+7)
  • Newsletter subscribers – 72 (+38)

Goals for Next Month

  • Complete 2 free design services from my giveaway
  • Create my paid course
  • Win a logo design contest (or 2??) on
  • Create 2 WordPress themes
  • 150 email subscribers
  • Continue writing one post a week, being sure to add content upgrades often.
  • Keep learning about design and illustrator!

What are your goals for next month? What did you accomplish the second month of 2016? I would LOVE to hear from you! If you wrote a monthly reflection post, I want to see it! 🙂

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