I was reading this blog post the other day. In the post, she was explaining how she made 100,000 in a year blogging. What. Then to my surprise, she started to go on a rant about how she hates when people start a business blog with no prior experience. Trigger warning…

My heart dropped and all of my doubts and insecurities came up and faced me. Do I have experience? Why should anyone even listen to me? When I first started this business, I hardly had any experience at all. Was I a fraud?

Even though I did have the experience I needed at the time, I still felt it wasn’t enough. I reflected on everything I accomplished. I took courses, practiced design, did some free work for friends and family to practice, etc. But I didn’t have experience with owning a business, I don’t have a degree in design, and I didn’t have the experience that felt “up to standard” with the rest of the world.

I looked honestly at myself. Do I have the right to even be doing this? To teach people? To design for people?

I’ve tried to start “successful” blogs/business ideas in the past and none of them never reached what I would call successful. I had a little success with other random online gigs (fiverr, speech pad, 99designs). Now here I am, making WordPress themes and graphics and teaching other creatives design tips, when I don’t even feel successful myself.

After reflecting some more,  I realized that I actually am being successful in my own way. Not by standards of money or exposure, but by my own standards.

Here is why I say I am successful:

  • I am learning more than my brain can handle and I am implementing strategies.
  • I’m working my butt off everyday writing, designing, and coding.
  • I am learning more about design, trying it out and teaching others as I learn. That feels pretty honest to me.
  • I actually haven’t given up yet!

If you are learning all you can now, you just can’t be farther than you are. You cannot skip ahead and time. You are where you are, and you learn to accept and adjust to that fact in the moment. Learn all you can. Be honest. Teach to past you. What do you wish you would’ve known?

So what I haven’t been blogging for 10 years? So what I haven’t owned 12 businesses? So what I’m just sitting here everyday in my office (but also taking tons of Netflix and food breaks) trying what works and writing about it? I am extremely happy doing what I’m doing now. If you’re at a level 2, don’t compare yourselves to a level 10. Be a level 2, and learn all you can and practice to keep on growing.

If your work and your blog/business make you happy and excited to get to work, keep at it. You’re going to feel like a fraud at first because you won’t have the experience. But you have more experience than you did even an hour ago. So learn from it! You’re going to feel like you’re faking it. As you gain more and more experience, you will still feel like a fraud, but it’s so important to look back and see how much you’ve learned and how far you’ve come. Journal your accomplishments. Practice what you preach. Take courses. Take breaks. Accept the moment by writing down things that might be bothering you and learn from them. And obviously… HAVE FUN!

I’ve done a podcast on this topic of “feeling like a fraud” before… take a listen!

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