I love the Florida Keys. I love camping. I love my twin sister. All of these things happened this past weekend.

I truly believe that travel is food for the soul. It might be tiring, but it can also be relaxing. It might be difficult to sleep through the night in a tent, but it sure is cozy in there and worth it to wake up to the sunrise over the ocean in your backyard. I highly encourage weekend trips, and often. If you buy a tent and some camping supplies, you can stay at state parks all over the country for as low as $20 a night. Camping is such a grounding experience, and it’s one of those things that can help you feel more connected to everything around you.

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Lela and I decided a couple months ago to go camping, just because. We made a whole chart on where we could go, how many spots were avilable, how far away each campground was, and the dates we would b e able to go. We really wanted to go to the keys, but there were just no spots open. Until we looked up Long Key State Park… one open spot… just the dates we needed. We immediatly took it. It’s always difficult to find camping spots in the keys and usually, you would need to book 10 months ahead. But I guess this was a miracle.




We arrived around 9pm on Friday, having left in the afternoon and taking our time getting there – stopping at some places from Bloodline. The weather this weekend was PERFECT camping weather. Not too hot, or too cold. On Saturday, we spent the day eating Publix Subs on a random beach with wild iguanas (SO COOL!), and hiking at the state park on an amazing 4 habitat trail. Parts of the trail were filled with trees and intriguing vegetation – one part looked like a desert with magical clear and cold puddles we had to walk through, and one part was just a beach. Amazing how many habitats you can come across in just a 1 mile walk.






That night, we went to Key West to watch the sunset and then ate at Thai Life, a floating restaurant. It was a restaurant on a boat. Really cool and super tasty. On Sunday, we made spicy Indian food over the fire for breakfast because we didn’t make it for lunch the day before. We took our time getting home that day, driving through Miami and South Beach. It was very crowded and I would have loved to stop to go to the beach, but parking was horrific. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner, and then drove straight home from there.


I wish we could’ve stayed longer, but I am thankful for that fun little trip! I am also glad to be home with Jacob and my kitty.

In other news, it is 61 degrees in my house. Too cold. I am wearing like 3 layers of clothes.

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