Today I saw this tiny little note on the main google search page.

“Calling all girls: code a movie scene for Hour of Code”

What? Girls? Coding? In the same sentence? It was strange to see those word together, and that got me interested. So I clicked it and found this really fun little Inside Out themed game where you use the basics of code to move the characters around and complete goals. I would have loved this as a young child!

After playing for a few minutes I thought, “what the heck is this website anyway?” So I clicked on the about tab and the first thing I read is “Less than 1% of girls study Computer Science. Let’s change that.” Wow. LESS THAN 1%? Sure, I guess a lot of girls aren’t interested in Computer Science, but I didn’t know the numbers were that low. Then I read this: “Girls start out with a love of science and technology, but lose it somewhere along the way. Let’s help encourage that passion.”

Immediately I start thinking about tiny Lily. When I think about my younger years, I remember spending hours and hours learning HTML to make the most amazing NeoPets page. I also spent hours designing personal websites for myself… just for fun. I loved it. Then after entering high school and discovering my love for music and finding other hobbies, I guess my love for design and learning to code was put on the back burner… until I turned 22.

It’s cool that so many companies are creating classes and games and all that jazz for young girls to teach them how to code. At the same time, I am pretty positive I didn’t stop coding/web design as a tween because I thought coding was for “boys”.  I’m pretty sure I just stopped because I joined band and found some other hobbies. But the facts are the facts – there sure are a lot more males interested in computer science than females. I’m sure that has played a part in my life direction. Maybe subconsciously I felt as though I didn’t fit into that circle as a square peg. I guess I can never say for sure what happened.

When I entered college, I majored in music because that’s what I knew and loved. If I had still known and loved coding, would I have majored in something like computer science? I can’t help but wonder. Eventually I changed my major to education for reasons I still do not understand. I was (and still am) a confused young adult.

I wonder where I would be now if I had kept up with all of that coding and web design stuff. Because here I am, almost 11 years later, coming back to my love of web design. It took me a long time to think of this as more than a hobby, and instead, a goal that I could actually reach.

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