Within the first year of my blog adventure, I’ve quickly learned that high quality pictures are essential to a high quality blog. It’s pretty funny going through my old posts and seeing how much my photos have improved. It gives me hope for the future that they will get even better!

My dad recently purchased a new camera, and when I visited home today, I was playing with it pretty much all day. Now I really want one… But you don’t need a super crazy expensive camera to have high quality pictures for your blog, I use my iPhone 6 and a couple of apps to edit my pictures, and they turn out fine! These crazy phone cameras just keep getting better and better. TECHNOLOGY THESE DAYS.

Here is the secret to how I edit my pictures – Make them bright and vibrant by increasing the both the brightness and contrast. Most photo editing apps have this feature. Sometimes I add filters, but only if I feel it will add to the quality. Usually food posts and home decor posts look better without a filter – I just up the brightness and contrast. Heres how you can find the brightness and contrast on Afterlight, and most other apps, too.

Here is where you can find those brightness and contrast buttons.
Get that brightness up!
Get that contrast up!

There. Doesn’t that look better?

Here are the three apps I use most for editing pictures:

This is my most used photo app. There are all sorts of filters going on, but you can also edit photos manually. There are a ton of options.
This is like afterlight, but free with less options. Still a really great tool.
I use this to put text over my pictures on the days I don’t feel like opening up Photoshop or PicMonkey.

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