If you’re like me it’s hard to follow a set in stone plan, because ideas change. All the time. I’ve actually never really set goals for my life in the past because I didn’t believe that setting goals actually worked for me. It sounded like a bunch of hogwash if ya ask me. Welp, a year after I started blogging, my blog and I wanted to enter a more serious relationship. So I made a deal with the Blog. My Blog said “OK, if we’re going to make this work, I’m going to need you to set goals.”


I thought about it for a while, scrambled around with no clear goals until finally I said, “OK fine! I want this to work. Anything for you, Blog.”

I’ve actually found a system that works for my ever changing ideas, and have molded it over the past couple of months. I call it the Hierarchy of Goal Setting (or Dreams to Reality. Can’t decide what sounds better!) – start off with your dreams and big goals, and create smaller, actionable tasks that trickle down into the monthly goals you want to reach, weekly goals, and daily goals.

I use Wunderlist to do this, and have also created a free workbook you can download that accomplishes the same thing and uses the same system.

Using Wunderlist

My life would fail without this app. It’s so easy to stay flexible with it because I can drag my to do’s into any list at any time. So if I am completely drained today, I just move the rest of my tasks into tomorrow’s slot. I have created a video explaining how I set up my Wunderlist to get things done and reach my goals, and will also explain more in detail below.

Using A Workbook (Free Download)

I have also created a workbook version of this system available on my freebies page. It has 7 pages for you to brainstorm and organize your goals, break them into smaller tasks, and create smaller and actionable steps to complete monthly, weekly, and daily.

Download the workbook now!


Here is how the worksheet is laid out. You can even just use this basic outline I’ll show you to create your own system that works for you. That is what is most important –  finding what works best for you.

I like to call this system either “The Hierarchy of Goals” or “Dreams to Reality”. (What name you like better??) Here is how it works.


Your great dreams! What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to create? List everything here.

Example: I have a list of everything I want to get done on my website in this section. I pretty much list all of the projects I eventually want to complete. Workbooks, worksheets, ebooks, courses, videos, podcasts, resources, etc.


These goals will be very specific. Get ideas from your “dream big” section, and figure out which ones you want to complete.

Example: In your dream big session you might have a goal to reach 1,000 email subscribers. Well, that might be a far off goal for you. So let’s narrow this down into a reachable goal. How about let’s get 100 subscribers first – this can be your reachable goal.

Then you can even list the ways you will reach that 100 subscriber goal. How about creating an amazing free resource? Then promoting it all over social media? Or what about making a free email course?


Using your narrowed down goals, make a list of everything you want to accomplish in the following month.

Example: I fill out this section at the beginning of every month. Write down the items from your “Narrow it Down” section – the steps you want to take to reach those goals.  For example, create an email course about [insert whatever here].


What will you do this week to accomplish your monthly goals?

Example: I fill this out at the beginning of every week. Reference your monthly goals section and write down the tasks into the day you want to complete that task. For example, create email course. This might be a large task to do in one day, so break it into smaller tasks and disperse them throughout the week!

Monday: Create outline for email course

Tuesday: Write welcome email

Wednesday: Write days 1 and 2 of email course

And you get the idea. Do not put too much to-dos in one day because you can always add more later! If you do feel burned out, all you have to do is move that item to another day, or move it back into the “Do this Month” section. If you are feeling ambitious, you can always add more tasks. Don’t stress too much over the tasks, because they really don’t have to be set in stone unless you think they’re set in stone. Be flexible!


You may also want to add tasks to do daily. I have this section in my Wunderlist, but I never use it. Mostly because it has become a habit to complete those daily tasks. But they are still good to look over every so often.

Examples for daily tasks: Pin relevant pins, comment of Facebook Group posts, comment on a blog, schedule social media, etc.


I also like to have a section in my Wunderlist for blog post ideas (separated by category), articles I love, and websites to remember. It’s good to have for future reference.

Whew! Hopefully through sharing how I set up my entire blogging/biz life To-Dos, I can help you reach your goals! This system is what works for me. It may not work for you, but it can definitely be useful in shaping what does work for you.

How do you set up your to do list and reach your goals? Let me know in the comments!

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