Technology… we love to hate it. It always seems to be right up in our business.. notifying us, beeping, ringing, screaming for attention and distracting us from our work and lives.

I am not one of those people that says, “this generation… always on their cellular devices. They’re all BRAINWASHED I TELL YOU!” But I am one of those people who needs to stop all the beeping around me every so often. When I’ve had enough with these notifications: “(insert random name here) has just liked a photo you are not even tagged in and was posted 6 years ago,” I felt like I was wasting my valuable time looking at this useless information my phone felt the need to let me know. Here are some ways I minimized those notifications and technological distractions in my life in order to feel more focused and get more stuff done. But mostly, these 3 tips have helped me live my life and be more present with where I am and whatever I’m doing.

1. Turn off push email

I don’t know about you, but every time I see that little red circle in my mail app, I feel the need to check it out right then and there. Seeing that red circle started to make me stressed because sometimes when I checked, there would be an “urgent” email and if I couldn’t answer it, I would keep thinking about it and stressing about it until I could have some free time to reply. In reality, I could’ve just waited a couple hours to check my email when I actually had the time. But that little red circle just had to ruin it for me – I just had to know.

I decided to turn off push email so I wouldn’t know that I had an email unless I opened up my mail app. Now, I only check email when I have the time to answer the emails.

If you have an iPhone, here is how to turn off those push notifications:


Go to your settings and then click on the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" button

Go to your settings and then click on the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” button


Click "Fetch New Data"

Click “Fetch New Data”


Turn off push notifications

Turn off push notifications

Scroll down and select "Manually". This will only fetch new mail data when you open the mail app.

Scroll down and select “Manually”. This will only fetch new mail data when you open the mail app.

2. Turn off Facebook notifications and delete messenger

I turned off all push notifications from Facebook on my phone. In fact, I deleted the Facebook app and just use the browser if I needed to access Facebook. I also do not have the Facebook messenger app because I do not want any more notifications coming at me! If you’re like me, getting a message out of nowhere can really throw you off, especially if you are enjoying some time with your family or eating.

I check Facebook on my time when I feel like it, not when that little red circle or pop up comes up and catches me off guard. It definitely makes my life feel more peaceful with no notifications coming at me.

3. Unsubscribe from every single email you get that doesn’t bring value or joy to your life.

For a couple days or so, every time you receive an email, think about if you actually want or need that newsletter coming into your inbox. Either unsubscribe, move it into a folder, or read and delete. Getting rid off stuff you don’t find useful in any area of your life can feel like a great accomplishment and helps clear your head.

You don’t need any extra information coming at you unless it benefits you or brings you joy!

What are some ways you minimize those technological distractions around you?


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