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Too many people stress out about creating opportunities for themselves that they do it in ways that do not fit for them. Marketing and networking can sound scary and maybe even sleazy, but there are ways to do it naturally and in a way that works for you. Marketing and networking – all these word mean is connecting and helping. Use your content to help others! If you create content consistently and interact with others, opportunities will come to you naturally.

Some ways to market and network (connect to and help others)

  • Twitter chats – a live event where people get together and chat/answer questions based around a certain topic. there is a twitter chat for anything you can think of! This is a great way to get to know others with similar interests.
  • Facebook Groups – Facebook groups are great ways to ask for and give advice to other creatives, biz owners, and bloggers. There are a ton of facebook groups focused on a variety of different topics. Use your content to help others answer questions or address a problem.
  • Etsy Teams and Forums – Kind of like facebook groups, but for Etsy! Great for Etsy shop owners.
  • Periscopes – Making periscopes or interacting in them are great ways to connect with others.

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Remember, once opportunities start coming your way, you do not have to take every single one!! Don’t take one that you know is not worth your time, going to stress you out, or feel is not right for what you do. And do not feel guilty about not taking this opportunity. It can be hard to decline opportunities because you might feel you are declining growth for yourself, but other opportunities will come. Just keep on creating and doing what you love!

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