It seems that one of the biggest struggles for any type of new-ish blogger is finding a blog focus. This is something I have been struggling with ever since I started a blog back in March 2014. I just want to write about everything I love! But I also want to get serious in my blogging life and find a community of readers to relate to (and hopefully make money working from home in the long term). After a year and a half of blogging, I know the best way to find a community of readers is to focus, focus, focus. The smaller your focus, the wider your audience.

BUT… do not stress yourself out about this like I did!! As long as your focus is on an idea or your brand, your audience will find you! If you are stuck or unsure, ask for advice. Facebook groups are amazing. That’s what gave me the last push to dive into a new type of focus for my blog, even if I wasn’t sure my “niche” was narrowed down enough.

I started doing some research and came across some great articles (and a podcast episode) on how to find a focus for your blog, and practical ways to do it. Here are some of my favorite articles. Below I also will share with you my written out process as I read these.

A Helpful Writing Exercise to Focus Your Blog Content – by Jeff Goins of

How to Choose Your Blog’s Nice + Focus – by Melyssa Griffin of (she has so many great resources and articles on this topic!)

How to Choose a Focus For Your Blog – by Melyssa Griffin of

How to Find a Unifying Theme for Your Blog (good tips if you have a lot of blog posts) – by Joe Bunting of

How to Find a Niche That Attracts Super Fans and Sky Rockets Your Sales – By Holly Casto of

PODCAST – 9 Stage Small Business Roadmap: A step-by-step plan for what comes next in your business – If you have never heard of Fizzle, here you go and you’re welcome. The website, resources, and podcasts are amazingly helpful and hilarious. This episode really gives insight into the steps to take when starting a business, but DEFINITELY applies to blogging.

The main themes I see in these articles (and many other like them) is similar. I see it as a tree with many branches. You have your trunk, your main idea. What is the one thing you want to write about and focus on? Plant it in the ground!

Examples – Creativity, DIY, travel, home decor, food, photography, self help, spirituality, technology

Out of your tree’s trunk come your branches, or more specific objectives. Out of those come even more branches – your blog post ideas.

So here is the template set up of my process with my answers!

My Process

(mostly using Jeff Goin’s method)

Subject, Theme, Objective


What will you write about? What is your tree trunk?

Brainstorm – living creatively, having a successful business, design tips, practical tutorials on css, html, photoshop, and wordpress

Narrow it down – Creative Entrepreneurship 


Why are people coming to you? What will you offer?

Brainstorm – creative business tips, getting the most out of your website for clients, creative living, practical help (wordpress tips, blogging tips, tutorials on css/html), life and creativity inspiration, design tips and inspiration, marketing yourself as a creative

Narrow it downHelp in growing your creativity in life and business.


What is your ultimate goal?


What do I want to accomplish with my writing? Gain credibility, create a community, help others

What impression do I want to leave? Credible, knowledgeable, inviting

What’s my goal? How do I measure it? I want to make money and create a community. Courses, ebooks, designs, possibly coaching although I am not sure how I will like that.

Narrow it down – Gain credibility, create a community, help others, make money by working from home.

Here is something the Fizzle Show podcast mentions and I love it. Fill in the banks to this statement, and you have your mission statement! “I make ___ for ___ because ___. “

Now my goal will probably change over time, and I am not going to jump in and get started today necessarily, but I will do some more brainstorming sessions and see if I can narrow down my focus even more. I think it’s good to take at least a week to think and brainstorm about what you will do. Don’t stress yourself out about your focus not being narrowed down enough like I did! If you focus on an IDEA, or your BRAND, you will have an audience.

What will your focus be? Feel free to process your thoughts and brainstorm in the comments!

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