logo // video overlays // banner

This was such a fun project to work on! Performance Notes was a new podcast created by musician and that talks about the arts, performing, and the business side of it all. The podcast has since discontinued, but you can still check out the design work and follow Lucas on social media below.

I really enjoyed working on this project and had a great experience with the client as well, which always makes things enjoyable!

For this project I created a banner, a logo, waiting screen overlays, and video overlays since the podcast was streamed via twitch.






I created 4 “The show is about to begin” overlays and 4 “thank you for watching” overlays. The client had the idea to use all of them to add variety to the show, which I thought was just genius. Here are the 4 styles I came up with:


I’ve never created overlays for twitch videos before, so this was a great learning experience for me! I created a variety of different overlays that the client would choose from depending on how many people they were having on the show that day, and if they were going to use the screen share option. All of the designs look more or less the same, but the layout is different depending on the show that day. Here are just a few of the overlay designs I created:


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