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This branding was a fun project. David Finkle, A.K.A Mr. Fitz, is a comic strip artist, English teacher (he taught me back in middle school!), and author. He does a comic strip titled “Mr. Fitz” for the Daytona Beach News Journal. The comic strip touches on education reform and the life of being a teacher. He is also an author and has written several books.

I believe in real education as opposed to skill and drill and test curriculum dispensing. I believe teaching and learning should not be standardized, but should engage the whole mind and the whole person. – David Finkle

The branding I worked on was not for his official comic strips, but, where he blogs about his life, thoughts on education reform and teaching, and insightful fiction and poetry. It was a delight to work on and his blog posts are very informative, charming, witty, insightful, and honest.

I wanted the brand to have a modern feel but also wanted incorporate some elements of comic art with the color, shapes, and fonts.





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