One-on-one services for creative entrepreneurs.

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Let me help you out.

You have an exciting project idea or just a desire to feel refreshed with a new brand, website, or logo.

But you want to make sure this project is designed in a way that feels authentically you while also resonating with potential clients.

We will work together as a dynamic duo to ensure that your new website, brand, logo, promotional materials, or whatever exciting idea you have brewing up, reflects who you are in order for your clients to feel they resonate with you as well.

Your newly designed project will be magnetic, clean, and powerful.

And the process will be fun, personalized, intuitive, organized, and easy.

I love to keep in touch throughout the process and work hard to ensure you are happy and in the know every step of the way!



I get a feel for your personality, what you want, and how you want that presented and do my best to make sure that is apparant in the design of your new project.


I think outside the box. It’s just more fun that way.


Because you and your project are important to me. Also, life is just more beautiful with a little compassion.



Look out world, the new you has arrived! If you need a new website and/or brand, this is for you! Packages are tiered based on your individual needs.


Express your unique brand, blog, or business with a custom designed logo.


Get those promotional materials done, have some social media graphics made, or get some branding items designed as needed.



Lily is a dream to work with, and just really gets me. She’s intuitive, flexible, and a great communicator. She consistently over-delivers. Her process of figuring out what I wanted, and more importantly, what I needed has been an eye-opening experience for me. I can’t stress this point enough. For the first time ever, I was able to gain clarity for my vision for my business. I’ve developed a healthy distrust of graphic designers from years of being left disappointed again and again. Lily has renewed my trust. She created a brand package for me that matches exactly who I am and reflects my personality. I’m thrilled beyond words.


Kerrie Lee

Artist/Make of Delightful Objects, Dream Up Art

Lily has created a logo for me on two separate occasions and she does not disappoint!  She listened to my ideas and was very attentive to my concept idea. I will continue to come to Lily for any logo designs I may need in the future, and would recommend her to anyone looking for an eye catching logo!

Brittney Applegate

Creator, Luv Factually

I contracted Lily Liseno Designs to help me create a logo for my freelance business. I started with some vague ideas and Lily did an amazing job cultivating my random thoughts into beautiful designs. The first round of logos she sent me blew me away in both creativity and quality. With each round of revisions she gave me multiple options, and deciphered my sometimes incoherent ramblings to refine the design. She met every deadline and went through several rounds of revisions and provided a final product within weeks. I highly recommend her, not only for her creativity, but for her professionalism and positive attitude. I am so happy to have a logo I feel reflects my personality and my business - thank you, Lily!

Aubrey Jenkins

Creative Consultant, AJ Creative

Working with Lily has been nothing short or incredible. I normally get nervous when I work with a new designer because I'm unfamiliar with their responsiveness, design, and patience. Not only did Lily capture what I wanted in my brand, but she did it faster than anyone I've ever worked with. I'm so grateful to have found her and I know I will be using her for many projects in the future! Do yourself a solid, and hire Lily for your next design!

Maddy Moon

Transformational Life Coach, Maddy Moon

Lily Liseno to the rescue! After trying to design my own website I grew frustrated because I had neither the time or the technical experience to follow through with what I needed. As a photographer, I wanted something visually pleasing, easy for my clients to use for ordering photographs, and something I could eventually take over and manage myself. After contacting Lily we worked together to get everything started and what she designed was beautiful! We live in opposite corners of the country but I felt like the experience was effortless. She went above and beyond to put things together and even gave me detailed instructions about how I could proceed once the work on her end was done. Lily is creative, easy to work with, and wants to get everything right. She is there for me when I have questions and respects my wishes while at the same time suggesting things that will improve my website. Lily is a dream to work with!

Dawn Richard

Photographer, Dawn Richard Photography

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