I look forward to writing down my accomplishments every night – I really think it’s something we should all try. It’s fun to see all that I have accomplished in the day! I even look forward to brain-dumping my worries on the page as well – it frees up my mind.

There are many benefits to recording your accomplishments everyday –

  • It allows you to be grateful for what you have and what you are able to do.
  • You’re able to see how far you’ve come by looking at your past accomplishments.
  • You’re given space to reflect on the day – what worked and what didn’t.

There are also benefits to brain dumping your worries –

  • You’re able to pinpoint areas of stress.
  • It helps you recognize what exactly is bothering you and maybe come up with some ways to address the issue.
  • When you allow your worries to move from your brain to the page, you free your mind of anxious thoughts.

Recording Accomplishments

About a month ago, I started to write down all of the things I accomplished for the day in my notebook. I sat in bed, turned on my nightstand light, played some music, and reflected on all the awesome things I did that day – even if my only accomplishment was just drinking some water. It felt good, and I really started to look forward to seeing all that I accomplished throughout the day. As I continued to do this every night, I started to turn back the pages in my notebook and look back at how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned – especially when it came to my blog. It’s such a great feeling to see all of your productivity and accomplishments written out to remember! It’s so nice to have that space in the day where you can reflect on what worked for you, and maybe what didn’t.

Write down even small accomplishments. It’s important to note those as well as bigger ones. I’ve found that this allows me to be grateful for all of the things I have and am able to do. for example, I exercised today! I drank one bottle of water! (Better than none.) I planned out my next blog post!

Brain-Dumping Worries

Sure, writing all my accomplishments was all fine and good, but after about a week of recording my accomplishments, I sat down to write and I felt so worried. Do you ever have that feeling of worry/anxiousness, but you’re not quite sure where it’s coming from or why you’re feeling that way? I had all of this junk on my brain – worries filled with self doubt and overwhelmed feelings, fears, insecurities… and I couldn’t even write my accomplishments down or even care about them because this cloud of worry was getting in the way! So, I decided to write out my worries as a way to identify them. I began to add that into my list of accomplishments as well. On particularly stressful days, all I do is write out my worries. At times I just need to brain dump, and allow my accomplishments to wait until tomorrow. It has been a great relief for me to brain dump my worries out onto the page.

Sometimes when I write out my worries, it helps me to visualize them coming out of my brain and onto the paper. My worries are literally being brain dumped onto the page. Then my head begins to feel so much lighter and I am able to enjoy my night more because I’ve gotten my worries out into the world, rather than allowing them an extended stay in my brain.

Life isn’t about accomplishing things all of the time… there’s also stress and worry involved (probably a lot of the time!), and through writing about both of these things, you’re creating a type of balance in your life. Sometimes it’s hard to even be proud of your accomplishments when there is a cloud of anxiousness floating around in your head. Writing both your accomplishments and worries out allows you to remember your productive moments, but also allows you to recognize your points of stress and worry and free your mind from those.

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As you can see, I really do a stream of consciousnesses type thing – I don’t want to take time to make it sound nice because it is for me to see and nobody else (except you… right now). I also mainly focus on my business since that’s pretty much my entire life right now, but this method of writing your accomplishments/worries can be extremely effective for anything! A fitness journal, a food eating habits journal, or just life in general.

Obviously you can just write everything in a notebook or on a piece of paper, but I also have a free worksheet download for you to print and write on. You can do this daily, weekly, or even monthly. It will do great things for your creativity and brain. 😉

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