You know those days where you just cannot stop being awesome? Pumping out blog posts, painting like a crazy person, writing until your fingers fall off, creating freely? There are times where I have this explosion of creativity, and I am just in the flow. And then there are times where I just want to sit, watch whatever is on TV, and pig out. Which sometimes is ok, but I start to miss creating.

During times where I might need a little extra motivation to finish a project – whether it be a song I am writing, a blog post, a project, a WordPress theme, a journal entry, or a blossoming idea – I like to find ways to inspire my creative side before I get to work making things.

Take a little break and try one of these things… they certainly seem to work for me.

1. Drink Coffee (or tea, if that’s more your cup of tea…)

Maybe I should just say… caffeine. Drink caffeine. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like their mind contains an electric lightning storm after drinking coffee?? I’ve noticed that it gives me this great creative energy afterwards. (Probably because it’s a drug and I am certainly addicted). Having a cup in the afternoon seems to especially work well. Sometimes I feel like writing a book, sometimes I feel like I could create the next Mona Lisa… it’s something about that coffee.

2. Listen to Music

Music has a profound affect on me personally. I can be listening to music while I am working on something, cooking, or taking a drive or walk, it always seems to lift me up and get those creative juices flowing. I like to find a relaxing playlist on either Songza or Spotify to listen to, or I’ll just shuffle my Spotify favorites. I also have a bunch of playlists I love to listen to while working to help me focus.

There is a playlist that I love called The Most Beautiful Songs in the World. It is great to listen to during any kind of drawing, writing, or creating activity.

3. Take a Walk or a Drive

Preferably with some cool music to accompany. Visiting new places either across the street or across the city puts my mind in a new place and gets me out of the mundane everyday routines of life – leaving room for inspiration to flow. Seeing new sights gives new feelings, therefore new ideas. It’s really about allowing myself to separate from the work I am doing and get some perspective.

4. Clean

Doesn’t this sound like so much fun?? I am one of those people who’s affected by the environment pretty strongly, so having a clean space seems to always puts my mind at ease and allows my brain more space for creative thinking, rather than thoughts like “why are there 6 dishes in the sink? I only used 2 today…”

Cleaning is also therapeutic for me in its own way. It’s almost like scrubbing away at crumbs and residue on the kitchen stove with powerful chemicals is calming to me? Who knows why.

5. Pinterest

Oh, yes. Ye olde Pinterest, what an inspirer thou art. It gives me so many ideas, and so much inspiration that it’s almost like a portable, magical, supplier of creativity.

Maybe check out some project ideas, writing tips, or decor inspiration. Just to get those creative thoughts flowing.

6. Write Down Your Stream of Consciousness

Ever have those days where your brain branches into a thousand different directions and you can’t seem to choose a path to walk down? If you’re brain is too full, that can sometimes hinder creativity. A clear mind allows room for new and inspired thoughts.

Take whatever paper you can find and write down everything you are thinking, even if you feel like your brain is calm at the moment. Brain dump! This in itself is a creative and therapeutic/freeing process. First of all, it clears your mind to put thoughts to paper. It can also give you an idea of what kind of thoughts you are having, and what they can do for your creativity.

This process is especially helpful if you are having stressful or worried thoughts. Writing them out gives a sense of “I can solve this problem!” or “why was I so worried about that?”

What things do you find inspire your creative side?

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