Your website footer is at the very bottom of your website – it’s the last thing people see when they finish scrolling through everything you have to offer on your homepage. What should they do when they get there?

There are two main purposes a footer serves – Have the reader take action on something, or give the reader information. Ideally, you should strive to do both. Whether thats reading a blog post, signing up for a newsletter, or following you on social media.

Here are some ideas and a few practical examples of what to put in your footer.

Newsletter signup

A newsletter sign up gives your readers an action to complete – if they are interested and want to learn more about what you offer, they will sign up for your newsletter. You should have one available at the top of your website and in the footer to give the reader a couple different opportunities to opt in. uses the footer to place their newsletter signup.

i-love-malva utilizes an attractive and eye catching newsletter sign up in their footer.



Adding links to all your pages in the footer gives your readers an opportunity to navigate to all of the options you have available on your site. displays their pages in categories, making it easy for the user to find what they are looking for.


Recent blog posts

Give users an opportunity to read your blog by inserting your latest posts in the footer. displays their most recent posts in the footer to offer helpful advice and tips for readers.


Instagram feed

If you use instagram a lot for your brand, embedding your feed in your footer is a great idea to encourage readers to follow you. Especially if your promote products or have a beautifully branded instagram – this will increase reader engagement and maybe even get you a few extra clients. 😉 uses her footer to display her beautiful instagram feed and promote her products.


Hours, map, location

If you own a business, having information like hours, your location, and map is useful information to have available for potential clients.

Social media follow icons

Social media buttons encourage readers to follow you, and having them in your footer gives them an opportunity to do so once they finish looking through your home page. If they like what they see and want to be exposed to more of your stuff, they’ll have the option to follow you on social media. uses her footer to beautifully display her social media icons.

charlotte-laila uses a minimal footer to encourage social media follows.

studio-krystal also utilizes a simple and minimal footer to highlight her social media icons and encourage users to follow her.


About Me section with image

Tell your readers more about yourself and create more of a personal connection with an about section in your footer.

When deciding what to add in your footer, first think about the goals of your site… are you a lifestyle blogger? Then you might want to add an about section, recent blog posts, and social media follow buttons. Do you sell products? You might want to add a link to go to your store, a contact page, and maybe even some recent products displayed via instagram.

Put yourself in the shoes of the visitor and ask yourself what questions they would want answered that they would not have seen in the header of your site, and go from there!

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